Louveteaux (8-10)

What are “louveteaux”?

Wëllefcher live according to the motto “Do your best”, all together in a pack as wolves would do in the jungle.

The Law of the Pack and the Wëllefcher’s method are based on The Jungle Book, with Mowgli who is adopted and brought up by wolves.

Wëllefcher promise to do someone a Bonne Action (good deed) every day, and with their vademecum, pen, notepad, piece of string and tissue, they have almost everything they need.

Among Wëllefcher, we live together in the jungle, a tropical forest with many plants. All our friends live there: the wolf family with their leader Akela, Mother Wolf Raksha, the black panther Bagheera, the brown bear Baloo, and many others… In the jungle, there are many laws, and we also need to respect them to live together well. This way every human and animal can learn a lot and have fun together.

Like wolves in the jungle Wëllefcher live together respecting each other. The Law of the Pack helps making that happen.

The Promise, the Law and the Motto are supposed to help us to live a better life: always try to do our best, to help where we can and to respect the Law.

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